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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

20% off Pashley Accessories

Merry Christmas to me! Pashley have a festive 20% discount on their. Loathing, spares and accessories range!

I shall mostly be lusting after...

The Princess Blazer, the perfect accompaniment to my Princess Sovereign for and for my pink Poppy, the lunchbox Saddle Bag.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Handmade Sewing Machine Cover

So, I have a new obsession, a sewing machine. It's a Janome CLX301 with tons of settings and it's the one they use at Sew Over It and The Make Lounge.  

I absolutely love it and I've literally not stopped using it since I got it a few weeks ago, I'm a woman possessed. So far I've made three skirts, some bits for the kitchen, a bag (pictures to follow) and I'm currently in the process of making a tea dress although I keep getting distracted by little mini (hic easier) projects like this sewing machine cover. I adore my sewing machine but it's not the most attractive thing and the cover that came with it is criminally hideous. With this fact in mind I set to work on a cover more suited to my taste. I used a method that I got from Kate's blog M is for Make, great lesson, bad student.
This was a lot harder than it looks...

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Tweed Run tickets up for grabs!

Hi all, just a quick note to say that the lovely folks at Pashley have 2 tickets for the London Tweed Run event on April 16th up for grabs.

This is one event not to be missed, I promise you, so dig out your tweed, fur and braces and put your thinking caps on and enter!

Click here to enter and hurry, the competition closes on April 1st!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

How every package should arrive!

I can't describe in words the excitement I feel when a parcel arrives for me. The buzz, the excitement and anticipation all threaten to overwhelm me.

Do I have a problem, possibly.

Do I care, no (particularly as half of it goes back...)

I've been somewhat silent in the recent months. Work, life and boring chores are doing their best to slowly and silently takeover my life but NO MORE! I'm back and staying put. What I will say is that winter is general a good time of year for me present wise, I have Christmas, my birthday, valentines and mothers day back to back for four months which equals lots and lots of presents!

So one of, or the most favourite present and officially the best parcel I've ever received is revealed below and is I've decided, how all parcels should arrive presented.

A Mulberry Effie Satchel. Love me some Mulberry, thank-you Mr Cole!