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Friday, 25 May 2012

Tweed Run 2012

I am not very good, I admit it. It's taken me a ridiculously long time to post this as i've just been so crazy busy. May is always a crazy month for me but this one was even more crazy what with birthdays (I know a lot of Gemini's), weekends away and school shenanigans!

Anyway, as much as I said that I didn't have a ticket, I entered a competition with Pashley and I WON!!! This was my first Tweed Run (I always apply too late...) and it was absolutely amazing. I loved it and will  most definitely be doing it again. Much fun was had and i was super inspired by all the gorgeous outfits I saw, especially all the fur.

Thank you Jacqui & Ted! 

My favourite outfit of the day I think.


I can't describe how difficult this was and no I didn't (hic couldn't) ride it.

This is at the tea stop!

Myself and the winner of the other ticket with one of the Pashley team

This gorgeous number won best bike - well deserved me thinks! I also happen to quite fancy the faux fur scarf...

Monday, 7 May 2012

The Pashley Picnic Ride

Tickets for Pashley's Jubilee Picnic Ride are available now here first come first serve so get in there quick! The tickets are £10 each which covers the admin but I can guarantee it will be so worth it. The route is about 14 miles and promises to be manageable for cyclists of all abilities which is perfect for me as I like to cycle slowly, no sweat allowed. Apparently, we will visiting Shakespeare's birthplace during the ride and what with my name being Titania, I can't help being a little bit excited. I wonder if I'd be such a Shakespeare fan if I wasn't named after one of his characters...

Soya vintage Teacup Candles @ The Make Lounge

I have become a tad obsessed with any kind of crafting and last week I popped down to The Make Lounge and did one of their lovely Candle making courses.
It's so much easier than I had thought and something I would definitely do at home. The most difficult after whether to go for red or white wine was choosing the scents. The Make Lounge use essential oils which are very strong and it was hard to get the balance fright between the overpowering base notes and the floral top note I wanted to go for. In the end I went for Lemon and vanilla which is lovely and sweet and makes me feel warm and cosy.

Even their loo sign is inspiring!

Anyone for thread?

I so so love it there, it's beautiful and I get to be creative and peruse all their lovely products. I always leave inspired. I want everything I see and I've already booked two more courses, fun times ahead!!!