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Friday, 30 December 2011

The Talented Mr Rory Dobner

I've fallen hook, line and sinker for the artist Rory Dobner, or his work to be more specific. The tiles in particular are amazing. I popped into Graham and Green (again) have a look today and was truly blown away. Now all I need to do is choose one...

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Windows

I think i'm going blind, or i'm just stupid! I walk down Willesden High Road every day without pretty much noticing very much at all. However, in the run up to Christmas, Willesden Green has become an artists playpen courtesy of New Windows On Willesden Green which has  curated a series of window animations along the high road marking the 25 days leading up to Christmas - a shopping advent calendar. The windows have been created by emerging designers and there have been loads of events including card and gingerbread making, screen printing and vintage hair tutorials curtesy of the lovely Lena Weber Vintage pioneer and editor of  and The Vintage Guide to London. 

My favourite window - The Samaritans by Caroline Collinge & Edmond Salter

The New Windows on Willesden Green project is funded by the Mayor’s Outer London Fund and is being delivered for Brent Council and Design for London by The Architecture Foundation in collaboration with Meanwhile SpaceFrom January to March, they will be  making empty shops in Willesden Green available for individuals, companies and community groups to try out their ideas. They are particularly interested in creatives so If you're interested in knowing more click here! 

Thursday, 15 December 2011

So, I was reading the great K&C blog Bikemended, and there was a gift-list from the lovely LadyVelo which featured this lovely bicycle themed necklace from Alex Monroe (available @ Liberty)

Then I started wondering what other bicycle themed accessories were out there...

I wasn't disappointed! I found this gorgeous necklace on my new favourite place for sourcing unique gifts and beautiful things from independent designers without leaving the house - Etsy. It's by an Australian designer called Jo Beveridge and is only $12 (plus shipping).

I bought this vintage inspired cat on a bike brooch from eBay for £2 and it now resides on my trench coat but i'm also loving the hot pink Daniel Darby bicycle brooch from NOTHS.

iPad case from zazzle

The Joy of Cyling - A poster from Velorution £35

Q: How much do i love this petite bicycle jumper from good old topshop?
A: A lot and at £26, it's well within my means and will be with me by December 28th!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

A Very Portobello Christmas

I haven't had time to go to Portobello Market very much recently but this weekend i made the time and took the Pashley (and the boy) for a long overdue visit. My first stop was the wonderful Pedlars on Talbot Rd where i ooh'd and ahh'd and got completely over-excited just from looking at the window. It felt all christmasy, especially as the steel band were playing christmas carols in the background.

When I stepped inside there were so, so, so many things that i fell for.  From bobbin racks, helmets, limited edition vintage style prints, a new bell for my bicycle and who needs an ipod when you can have a vintage gramophone! A mere snip at £400 so maybe not today but the bell, I can most definitely stretch to.

FYI - I've added this bag to my never ending christmas wish-list 

Then we grabbed a drink form a very festive Tom's on Westbourne Grove and I walked past Whistles, painfully slowly... If only I could have just tried on the blue polka dot dress! I tried to make him understand that I'm simply planning my January sale wish list but he just doesn't understand...

The Boy, popped into Rough Trade to indulge his passion (hic all-consuming obsession) whilst I admired a beautiful Blue Pashley Britannia with a blue bow parked humbly outside.

As is mandatory whenever i'm within a 1 mile radius, I popped into Graham and Green on Elgin Crescent to pick up a lovely ceramic nativity tealight holder to go with my ceramic acorn and pine cone from The Conran Store and when i got back to my bike, look what i saw! Twins!!!

Finally, it was home to decorate the tree with my new purchases...

Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Tweed Run

I'm feeling a tad jealous of all the beautiful boys, girls and bikes that managed to take part in the Tweed Run last week, mainly because i couldn't. No fear, my new years resolution will be to officially be to take part in April 2012!

Picture courtesy of Okawari, please!

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

And for my Pretty Pink Poppy...

I was just looking through the pictures on my phone and in case anyone is wondering what to get Penelope (aka, my beautiful bicycle) for christmas, I know just the thing!

Yes please...

My Christmas Wish List

So i've been very lazy. Well, not lazy actually, more like incredibly busy. I'm actually marking today, even though i'm technically on strike. Having said that, it is extremely rewarding so if you've ever thought about doing it, go for it!

Anyway, today the boy has gone to collect one of my christmas presents! (hic my Sawako Furuno Leopard helmet). I know this because I directed him to the wonderful Velorution on Great Portland Street to buy it. Yes, it will ruin the surprise but he is adamant that I have a helmet and I so want to avoid having to feign delight on christmas morning when I open a beautifully wrapped box ugly helmet!

Whilst looking for the best place to purchase my helmet, I came across these wonderful badges. They're cute, stylish and practical. They are £9.99 from the wonderful Cycle Chic and are definitely on my christmas list along with some sheepskin gloves, some truly fabulous vintage inspired speakers from Hendekagram or Megaphone speakers, an arran cardigan and either 'This Is For You' or 'A Sky Full of Kindness' by Rob Ryan (I really want one these, so much so that I may buy them as gifts to me from me, wrap them up and put them under the tree). 

 Oh, and a limited edition red ceramic rabbit by Paul Smith.

And that's my christmas list!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

I want...

So, i've been a naughty girl... I should be saving for 3 reasons, a) christmas is around the corner, is always an expensive month and I have a lot of presents to buy (plus I have a new god-daughter to add to the list)  b) I have my eye on a new handbag which usually spells trouble for my bank balance. c) I got a parking ticket a few months ago which I forgot to pay (or mention to the boy) and they have lovingly informed me  that I now owe them £165. Anyway i've bought a new bag - to tide me over until I get the bag I really want of course.

Topshop Boxy Holdall Bag £36

I've also been virtual shopping online and have a selected a few pieces to add to my wish-list starting off with the beautiful Pashley Penny and then adding the outfit i'd wear riding it!

 Bike Pashley
Dress Motel @ ASOS
Cardigan Cath Kidston
Shoes Topshop
Hat Next