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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Handmade Sewing Machine Cover

So, I have a new obsession, a sewing machine. It's a Janome CLX301 with tons of settings and it's the one they use at Sew Over It and The Make Lounge.  

I absolutely love it and I've literally not stopped using it since I got it a few weeks ago, I'm a woman possessed. So far I've made three skirts, some bits for the kitchen, a bag (pictures to follow) and I'm currently in the process of making a tea dress although I keep getting distracted by little mini (hic easier) projects like this sewing machine cover. I adore my sewing machine but it's not the most attractive thing and the cover that came with it is criminally hideous. With this fact in mind I set to work on a cover more suited to my taste. I used a method that I got from Kate's blog M is for Make, great lesson, bad student.
This was a lot harder than it looks...