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Monday, 11 June 2012

Queens Parade - New Windows on Willesden Green

Last weekend, Mr Man and I went to Teddington for a friends birthday. It's so picturesque and quiet, I could so see myself living there. Until that is, I got back to NW10. It's not quiet or pretty in the same way but it's electric, diverse and has this unmistakable energy. Born and bred in inner London, even though I toy around with the idea of 'moving out', I'm not sure I could ever actually leave. This becomes apparent when I discuss the things that wherever I move has to have and number 1 is a tube station... 

One thing I particularly love about London is how quickly things move, people come and go, always something to do, different events every weekend, pop up shops. Willesden Green has a great new initiative that I've mentioned previously on my blog called Queens Parade. I went to their launch party and can't keep away! It's like a mini Portobello Green with an art shop, juice bar, interior design and craft shop to name a few plus a great vintage clothes shop, Vintage Green, that has a weekly clothes swap, hmmm...

The Unlimited Print Shop is really cute and offers screen printing classes for all where you can design and print your own cushions, bags and t-shirts! I'll show you my efforts soon (maybe)
I can't explain it, but I was quite smitten with this hen

The lovely Roses and String ladies, I love everything in this shop, especially the frames.
The Art Lobby, such an very inspiring display that i tired to recreate in my bathroom but is harder than it looks!

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