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Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Visit to Pashley HQ part 2...The Pashley Collection

As you are by now all aware, I was fortunate enough to visit Pashley HQ in beautiful Somerset with the boy recently. As well as being completely blown away with the way they manufacture and the care and attention that goes into every detail I was also there to have an up close and personal look at their new range of accessories. 
I adore this print, it looks like flowers but is actually bicycle parts!
I met with the gorgeous Chloe who talked me through the inspiration behind the collection - you'll be happy to know it was their customers - and very kindly talked me through the new line whilst somehow managing to ignore my drooling...
I am so in love with the print, i'm calling the Pashley print as i'm not sure what it's actually called but it's beautiful, it features on quite a few of the accessories and it's the on their wall. Cue jealousy, I want that wallpaper, it would look amazing in my hallway. 
I love bags, they are and have always been my thing (apart from all things Pashley of course) and i've been known to spend far too much money on them particularly pre-mortgage. It's so hard to chose my favourite bag that i'm not even going to try.
However, if you're reading this and really, really want to buy me a bag - the lunchbox saddle bag looks great on a Poppy and the Basket Tote sits so well in my wicker basket...
My absolute favourite item is the Princess blazer. The cut is flawless and the wool is so soft and warm I couldn't stop stroking it. This is definitely on my wish list. It's lined with the Pashley print and has stylish reflective tweed on the back panel and underside of the collar.

The Boy working it in the 'Roadster'
A peter pan collar and that Pashley print in Poppy blue... 
Even the wrapping is impeccable...
Apologies for the questionable pictures, clearly fancy cameras with more than 3 buttons and Titania don't mix. Flash woman flash!

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