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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My Christmas Wish List

So i've been very lazy. Well, not lazy actually, more like incredibly busy. I'm actually marking today, even though i'm technically on strike. Having said that, it is extremely rewarding so if you've ever thought about doing it, go for it!

Anyway, today the boy has gone to collect one of my christmas presents! (hic my Sawako Furuno Leopard helmet). I know this because I directed him to the wonderful Velorution on Great Portland Street to buy it. Yes, it will ruin the surprise but he is adamant that I have a helmet and I so want to avoid having to feign delight on christmas morning when I open a beautifully wrapped box ugly helmet!

Whilst looking for the best place to purchase my helmet, I came across these wonderful badges. They're cute, stylish and practical. They are £9.99 from the wonderful Cycle Chic and are definitely on my christmas list along with some sheepskin gloves, some truly fabulous vintage inspired speakers from Hendekagram or Megaphone speakers, an arran cardigan and either 'This Is For You' or 'A Sky Full of Kindness' by Rob Ryan (I really want one these, so much so that I may buy them as gifts to me from me, wrap them up and put them under the tree). 

 Oh, and a limited edition red ceramic rabbit by Paul Smith.

And that's my christmas list!

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