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Saturday, 15 October 2011

I want...

So, i've been a naughty girl... I should be saving for 3 reasons, a) christmas is around the corner, is always an expensive month and I have a lot of presents to buy (plus I have a new god-daughter to add to the list)  b) I have my eye on a new handbag which usually spells trouble for my bank balance. c) I got a parking ticket a few months ago which I forgot to pay (or mention to the boy) and they have lovingly informed me  that I now owe them £165. Anyway i've bought a new bag - to tide me over until I get the bag I really want of course.

Topshop Boxy Holdall Bag £36

I've also been virtual shopping online and have a selected a few pieces to add to my wish-list starting off with the beautiful Pashley Penny and then adding the outfit i'd wear riding it!

 Bike Pashley
Dress Motel @ ASOS
Cardigan Cath Kidston
Shoes Topshop
Hat Next 

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