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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Christina Hamilton LCF MA Collection - Bike Bags with a difference...

I think these saddle bags are really cute and very stylish. I love the little seat on the first one. Christina Hamilton chose to use Saddlery as the basis of her design and technical process for her MA final project. Christina is a trained saddler and felt there was much more that could be done with the techniques used in the Saddlery. She started to think of the new ways that people carry bags and how they travel. She came to the conclusion that the collection should be able to be fitted onto the bicycle and be able to be used off the bicycles.

The reason why I choose to keep the artifacts resembling saddles, was for the over all concept of the “Displacement of the Saddle” the displacement of the saddle has a number of meanings:
- Displacement. –From saddlery as function and craft to artefact.
- Saddlery, which has beautiful form and function with equisetic craftsmanship to a fashion artefact. A fashion artefact that acknowledges saddlery traditions of being Aesthetic pleasing but perform its function.
- The idea of Displacement and a repositioning of saddlery was also part of the design process where 2d flat images of the saddle and their component parts were displaced and reorganised to create the artefact.
- The bicycle also displaced the horse, and hence the fashion artefact displaces the saddle.
- I propose that in today’s society the bicycle has replaced the horse.
- Automotive transport is also being replace and people are returning to the bicycle, as the cost of petrol continually increases and commuters choose bicycles to travel around London
Much as the traveller of the past needed a good saddle, today’s commuter needs to transport their belonging but then be able to walk into the boardroom in style with possessions that reflect their status.

Find out more about Christina's collection here

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