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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Selina Lake: Homespun Style Market - Friday 13th April

On the last day of the Easter holiday, I will be here...

Selina Lake: Homespun Style Market - Friday 13th April
The Lovely Selina Lake will be signing copies of her new book 'Homespun Style'.

There will also be fellow crafters, goodie bags sponsored by Mollie Makes Magazine and some great stalls including Folly and Glee who make the most amazing vintage inspired lampshades. FYI, i should warn you, there will also be tea and cake, Personally, I will only be having one, most definitely, 1 cake is my limit. In fact, perhaps I ought to have clearer boundaries, you will understand why if you've ever seen my bounty at the summer fair (in my defence, all the cakes are 20p, it'd be rude not to...) I shall have only one cupcake. There I've said it, it is written and so it shall be! That said, now I really can't wait!

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