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Thursday, 9 August 2012

GB v Brazil Ladies Football Olympic Victory!

Had an amazing time! GB were awesome and this is a secret but it was my first ever football match, it was at Wembley, it was the ladies team and WE WON.

Such an amazing buzz, the crowd, the stadium, the beer and the singing (we were sat behind a group of about 20 from Ireland who kept breaking out into song and in front of a group of Brazilians all dressed up in wigs with whistles and a sign which said "They have the queen, we have Marta") I did try to get a picture of them but they er, wouldn't keep still!

Go Team GB, I'm loving the olympics and I'm thinking of heading to Rio too! As for football matches, i'm a convert - they aren't that bad (when it's the ladies).
Made a few new friends!


Any excuse to shop!

GB girls get warmed up
Almost 75,000 people

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