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Sunday, 5 August 2012

A Long Time Coming...

I'm feeling a bit guilty, I've not blogged forever! I should hang my head in shame and be forever banished from the bloggers community. Or perhaps not, I've been so incredibly busy with a couple of other projects and end of the school year and just life. Also, I blog for fun through my love (hic obsession) with bicycles so I suppose it's okay to occasionally fall off the wagon. However, I'm sorry all. It won't happen again, probably...

I feel like the chic cycling movement (not sure thats the right word but hey ho) is growing and now i see at least 1 or 2 Pashley's or similar, everybody is at it and it gives me such joy. Occasionally a bit too much joy as I'm prone to smiling at strange cyclists and staring and smiling. This is ok when I'm cycling but when I'm in the car or walking, not so much! Apparently there are over 500,000 journeys by bicycle in London every day so I shouldn't be surprised.

Here's the last few weeks in Pictures!

At the opening of a great boutique shop in Tufnell Park, Soho HIP which sells Tatty Devine, vintage clothes, jewellery and gifts!
Me and my home made lampshade (more on that soon)...
 Cruisin' on the Thames

Jubilee celebration with the in-laws

End of term pressies, I love being a teacher!

Meeting Dolphins in Portugal

I came back to Willesden Green after being away and was hoping to catch some rays in the garden but apparently not... 

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