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Monday, 7 May 2012

The Pashley Picnic Ride

Tickets for Pashley's Jubilee Picnic Ride are available now here first come first serve so get in there quick! The tickets are £10 each which covers the admin but I can guarantee it will be so worth it. The route is about 14 miles and promises to be manageable for cyclists of all abilities which is perfect for me as I like to cycle slowly, no sweat allowed. Apparently, we will visiting Shakespeare's birthplace during the ride and what with my name being Titania, I can't help being a little bit excited. I wonder if I'd be such a Shakespeare fan if I wasn't named after one of his characters...


  1. Bring on the picnic! See you there Pashley Queen on my beautiful Brittania called Poppy.

    1. Ha ha, loving the name! My Poppy's called Penelope... See you next weekend. x

  2. Are you still going tomorrow rain or shine? x katie-jamjar