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Monday, 7 May 2012

Soya vintage Teacup Candles @ The Make Lounge

I have become a tad obsessed with any kind of crafting and last week I popped down to The Make Lounge and did one of their lovely Candle making courses.
It's so much easier than I had thought and something I would definitely do at home. The most difficult after whether to go for red or white wine was choosing the scents. The Make Lounge use essential oils which are very strong and it was hard to get the balance fright between the overpowering base notes and the floral top note I wanted to go for. In the end I went for Lemon and vanilla which is lovely and sweet and makes me feel warm and cosy.

Even their loo sign is inspiring!

Anyone for thread?

I so so love it there, it's beautiful and I get to be creative and peruse all their lovely products. I always leave inspired. I want everything I see and I've already booked two more courses, fun times ahead!!!


  1. I just saw that The Make Lounge face book page linked to this post. So I had a peek and realised that I was sat next to you on the left on the day! Hope alls good! Ellie

  2. This is fab, what a cool place to go and what a nice candle to come home with, im definately looking this one up x

    1. You definitely should, it's a wonderful place. I was actually there yesterday making a lampshape too. I can't get enough!

  3. @Ellie Wow, that's amazing! I'm good, hope you are too. How's the candle?